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Seamless Waterproofing & Coatings is based in the northern suburbs of Cape Town assisting clients in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors across the Western Cape.

We strive to continuously provide the highest quality waterproofing systems to all aspects of construction, with exceptional service being our standard. Satisfying the needs of our clients is our main aim. With our teams combined experience and knowledge clients feel confident and assured when in the hands of Seamless Waterproofing & Coatings.

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Seamless Waterproofing & Coatings is a registered member of DWASA (Damp & Waterproofing Association of South Africa). Waterproofing and painting is very important and needs to be done correctly in order to give great value for money. So this is exactly what we offer and we’re proud to be great at what we do. We have a friendly approach to our customers and always deliver a high quality service starting with products and specification to supplying and installation.

Our services aim to give you:

• Professional installations and applications you want
• On time
• On budget
• Installations and applications that continues to last

Here are a few examples of why our customers choose us:

• Free measuring and quote
• Experienced installation teams
• Reliable, friendly service
• Excellent value
• Expert advice




EcoProof is a cold applied, liquid rubber seamless waterproofing system that can be applied to a variety of surfaces.

EcoProof has two application grades:

Brush Grade: Recommended for smaller areas up to 100m² and can be applied by roller or brush.
Ideal for balcony slabs, flat roofs, showers and ponds.

Spray Grade: Recommended for larger areas like industrial factory roofs, concrete basement slabs and concrete dams.

Picture of the Echoproof product

The EcoProof waterproofing system requires no gas flames, solvents or primers. As well as being 100% seamless, the EcoProof system
has a elasticity of 800%.

With excellent eco friendly credentials, the system is fully fire tested and has the German DIN certification for waterproofing.

Spray Grade – Before Spray Grade


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Brush Grade – After Brush Grade



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